Security Agency Business Idea: Income of more than Rs 1000 in an hour!

Security Agency Business: Start this security agency business and earn around Rs 1000 per hour, know the master stroke plan!
Security Agency Business: एक घंटे में 1000 से भी ज्यादा का इनकम!

Security agency business plan Hindi: If you are planning to start a new business, then this article is for you. In this post, we are going to tell you about such an idea which will not only make you earn big money, but will also make you capable of giving jobs to others too. This is a business that provides security. By opening your own security agency, you can become an employer along with earning. And now this business is going to become quite a trend.

Need for security in every area

Be it buildings, apartments or offices, there is always a need for a security guard. There is lack of security even in parties or bars. At the same time, if someone is rich or a big businessman, he also looks for a good and reliable security agency for his security. The most important thing is that there is very little reduction in money compared to security.

Anyway it is said that safety is paramount. Actually, these things are so that we can understand how much demand there is for security related business and also the chances of this business going down are less.

Security is a trend

In this new India, different types of trends keep coming, like in the matter of security. Now whether it is a wedding function or any other party, there are definitely one or two bouncers. What happens is that to make the client’s stature appear higher, he is also called a security grade or a bouncer. This may be a matter of fashion but in real life also these security issues exist.

Wanted money in this business

You will be pleased to know that people rarely skimp on security, which means you can get a chance to earn as much money as you want through this business. With the speed with which urbanization is taking place, new businesses and industries are being established, the demand for security guards is also increasing at the same pace. You can meet this demand by opening your own security agency. In this, small or big investment can prove to be a profitable deal for you and there is less chance of loss in it.

Create and register your company

Talking about investment to open a security guard agency, if you want to start a business alone, then you can start with less investment. If you want to start on a larger scale, then you can start it in partnership with your friends or relatives. For this you need to form your company and get ESIC or PF registration.

If you employ 10 people in your security agency, then ESIC registration and PF registration will be required if you employ around 20 people. Apart from GST registration, it is also necessary to register your company in the Labor Court.

PSARA license required

License for security agency is issued under Private Security Agency Regulation Act 2005. It is also known by the name PSARA. Without this license a private security agency cannot be run. There are some rules to achieve this. Like the applicant should be an Indian citizen, financially capable and most importantly, there should not be any criminal case against him.

For this, police verification of the applicant is done before granting the license. Apart from this, to open an agency, an agreement has to be made with an institute certified by the State Controlling Authority for the training of security guards.

These fees are fixed for obtaining license

To obtain the license of a security guard agency, the applicant has to pay license fees as per the services provided. To get a license for a security agency in one district, the fee is around Rs 5000, to provide services in 5 districts, it is around Rs 10,000 and to operate one’s own agency in one state, the fee is up to Rs 25,000. After getting the license, you have to follow the norms set under the Pasara Act for the agency.


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