I couldn’t afford high-end brands, Harshala Patil

Who is Harshala Patil instagram influencer, Read her interview in bgsraw magazine
I couldn’t afford high-end brands, Harshala Patil

Interview: In the exclusive unfeatured stories of Bgs Raw, here we’re introducing Harshala Patil a lifestyle and fashion YouTuber. She gave an interview a year back but couldn’t be featured due to a technical bug. However, we retrieve our data, and here is all about her to know exclusively.

I couldn’t afford high-end brands, Harshala Patil

Harshala had more than 120k subscribers on youtube and with total followers of 82k plus on Instagram, she is very active on social media. Most of the videos she creates are all about lifestyle, fashion, makeup, hair care, etc. Her overall channel views are about 12M plus and active since 2015.

Harshala tells, “I have always wanted to start my YT channel and I’m so glad I did. I make videos about fashion, and lifestyle and also throw in some travel bits there whenever I travel. I love my job I think it’s the best, couldn’t have asked for a better one. The joy of creating something from scratch and calling it yours is unreal :)”.

Harshala on interest in fashion

Well, I have always loved fashion even when I couldn’t afford all these high-end brands I would go on looking for dupes or just similar-looking things in the streets of Bandra and Colaba and would create looks. When I started my YouTube channel there were many genres and I obviously didn’t know much about anything else as much as I knew about fashion so yeah.

Who inspires you to influence you?

I think Santoshi Shetty has to be the one, and best. dressed both of them are amazing! Love their style and how much they have grown.

Since when did you start blogging?

So I’m a YouTuber and not a blogger as I don’t have a blog. I started my channel on the 9th of July 2017

Let us know what are your favorites destination, food, dress, or any.
Food – seafood love seafood
Destination – Bora Bora islands
Dress – I think denim shorts and a casual top
Favorite beauty products – mascara and lipstick

Goal and future plan

Right now I think my goal is just to create better content like for all my social media platforms, especially YouTube. I haven’t thought about the future I believe in taking one day at a time don’t know if it’s good or bad but it has worked till now hope it works even in the future 🙂

Things you like to do!

I like to cycle, listen to music, and also play badminton. Sometimes I even paint and do calligraphy

Family support

Yes, my family has been pretty supportive.

The model you loved and gets inspired

When I was a kid I loved Aishwarya Rai now I think Gigi ✨

When we asked about business ideas, she tells “I was a kid so I had no idea about these things ya
I just remember my dad telling me not to work for someone always so yeah. Hence they are supportive when I told him I wanna do my own thing be it YouTube or blogging. Because I work for myself and not for anyone else.”

Any incident you like to share

So I will tell you a funny thing when I was a kid I obviously didn’t know movies are recorded so whenever any movie played on the TV I used to feel like they are actually acting it out for real and I used to wonder how they manage to get it same every time 😂

Opinion on Bgs Raw The live magazine online

Haha as long as I live features and mentions are really special, it sorta gives you that validation you know and the acknowledgment so yeah thank you 🙂


Q. Who is Harshala Patil?

Harshala Patil is a Mumbai-based Youtuber and a Fashion Creator.

Q. Who is her boyfriend?

We are trying to get information about that.

Q. When is Harshala Patil’s Birthday?

Harshala’s birthday is celebrated on 10 June she was born in 1995

Q. What is the height of Harshala?

According to the sources it is 5 feet 5 inches.

Q. Harshala Patil’s official Instagram handle?

Her official IG handle username is @harshalaapatil


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